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Speak Friend, and Enter In

Speak Friend, and Enter In

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There is a door that beckons all

Speak friend, and enter in

To realms beyond these mortal walls

That cage the brazen life within


It calls in voice long familiar

Yet with adventures still untold

Broken shadows, now made clearer

That which was lost, but always known


This realm so bound in parchment gate

Seeks not the real to outrun

Instead make true the welcome fate

Of all sadness come undone


So I beckon in return

Remind my soul what lies therein

Sage in pages now well worn

Speak friend, and enter in

Approximately 12.5 x 17 inches on Spalted Maple, designed to hang with a keyhole hanger on the back.

We work with salvaged wood, so every piece is just as unique as the tree it came from. There may be products on the website with similar styles, content, or titles. We list every item separately since similar pieces will still have variations in the wood. The engraved piece pictured is the exact item that will ship when ordering. 

 NOTE: Product must be charged with UV light or sunlight to glow.

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